Deligna UAB: suppliers of disposable pallets since 2017

Despite our young age, we have earned the trust of our partners in Western Europe

About us

Our pallets are manufactured by Baldarys UAB, a company controlled by Deligna and holding 23 years of experience in this field. We also offer pallets of other manufacturers.

We work with partners from all across Europe, with the biggest clients based in Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, and Sweden. All of our produce is exported.

Our services

Disposable pallets

We offer pallets from 400 mm to 1,600 mm

Heat treatment of pallets according to ISPM-15 (IPPC) standard

Kiln-dried pallets

Airline pallets (ULD)

Quick delivery

We are a reliable business partner ensuring fast delivery of goods.

International experience

We supply pallets to many European countries where we are greatly valued for our reliability and product quality.